BA Exhibits Founders

Robert Keller, CEO

A veteran of trade show exhibit marketing, Robert’s vision for his team is to exceed client expectations every day. “I started this company because I wanted to give businesses in Silicon Valley the choice of going beyond the standard portable and custom modular exhibits to make a statement unique to their brand,” he says. “I believed that we could do it better.” Robert is responsible for setting BAE’s corporate strategy and culture, as well as directing operations, marketing, financing, human resources and sales.

Robert Keller

John Rowdon, President

John is a seasoned account executive, with experience in service management and graphic production. “We pride ourselves in putting our clients and their needs first,” says John, who has cultivated methods that have improved efficiencies and eliminated waste in BAE’s processes. John’s goal is to provide the highest quality products and services in the industry, while contributing innovative solutions that help clients’ brands stand out in today’s business markets. His key responsibilities include operations management, design and fabrication oversight, estimations, sales support and project management.

John Rowden