Top 10 Design Tips for Trade Show Exhibits

Every experienced trade show exhibits designer has collected a set of tried-and true-techniques that they rely on when laying out and executing a trade show display plan. Here is a sampling:

  1. Be sure to consider the dimensions of your trade show booth, display cases, storage crates, etc. in advance, as size and weight will determine shipping and drayage fees.
  2. If you plan to store your trade show booth at a secure, climate controlled exhibit house, it helps to research pull, pre-ship set-up, and post show inspection rates to budget for added costs.
  3. A large-scale single graphic spread across a back wall will make the trade show booth appear larger, while a backdrop with multiple pictures and text blocks can distract attention or promote a cramped feeling.
  4. Linear trade show displays like 10x10s, 10x20s push a lot of interaction out to the aisle. Placing a counter at the edge between you and attendees keeps them in the aisle. Making it easy to enter and move through your trade show exhibit also makes it easier to connect with customers and prospects.
  5. Create flows that separate visitors who want to sign up for a raffle from customers and prospects who want to learn more about your products. Set up registration stations at each end of the trade show booth to keep sign-up traffic in the outside aisles, so that your target audience has easy access to product demos and sales reps.
  6. Signage should be visible from all sides of the exhibit. Logos should be visible from 25 feet, headlines from 10 feet. Avoid white text on a dark background. Skip italics, ALL CAPS and centered text, which forces the eye to readjust to each line of copy.
  7. Lighting is often overlooked as a design tool. Use well-placed lighting to wash a wall in color or paint the mood that will attract your audience. Softening the light in your trade show display contrasts with the florescent glare of the trade show hall.
  8. If your product or service is complicated, a large-screen demo will help tell your story and allow your sales team to focus on follow-up questions from interested prospects.
  9. Background music can influence a visitor’s perception of your brand, so choose it wisely to prompt a receptive mood.
  10. Involve visitors with hands-on demonstrations and interactive displays. Participation serves to make the experience more memorable.

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